The Punjab Kitchen, along with its brands Simply Puree and Simply al la Carte, supply a range of delicious and wholesome meals to public sector clients including hospitals and care homes as well as a home delivery service for clients who would like to enjoy the benefits of our meals in their own homes.

Individually plated meals providing choice and convenience as well as helping to minimise waste:

Choice – with over 600 different main meals available along with desserts, soups and sandwiches
Convenience – cook straight from the freezer in as little as 45 minutes
Cost Effective – individual portions means that waste is kept to a minimum
Not only do we offer a delicious range of meals, we also offer a range of dietary specific meals such as:

Gluten Free
Allergen Aware
Renal Suitable
Indeed you can also select meals based on dietary needs and personal preference:

Energy Dense
Calorie restricted
Vegetarian / Vegan
You can also specify foods that are softer and easier to eat, an ideal choice for elderly patients or patients who heading towards dysphagia.

All of our meals are carefully designed to ensure that not only do they taste great, but they provide everything your patients need to stay strong and healthy.

We are also the UK’s leading supplier of texture modified meals.

Under our Simply Puree brand, we offer a range of texture modified meals that offer a delicious meal that not only taste great, but look great too.

We work hard so that patients living with Dysphagia can look forward to eating again.

Our textured modified range offers a visually attractive and delicious meal using only natural ingredients and a home cooked style that brings a sense of normality back.

We know that retaining the appearance and flavours of normal food can make a remarkable difference in enhancing the appetite of patients with swallowing difficulties, and with the largest range to choose from, we are confident that patients can overcome the challenges of malnutrition.

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